Java Interview Coding Questions

Duration : 00:59:45

Guru : Navin Reddy

48 Learners

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Complete Course Description

This is a great way to check your knowledge. In the course you will find questions for beginners but we have also done some more advanced topics. We tried to process the most important Java SE technologies, but also some other areas like databases, OOP Concepts and a lot more.

When you got to a job interview, you won’t just get questions particularly relate to Java but you will also be required to know some things that aren't part of Java, so don't worry, we already counted on it. At the end of the course you will know what part of the questions you should improve your knowledge on.

What Are The Requirements

  • Java SE

  • Object Oriented Concepts

What Am I Going To Get From This Course

  • Will be ready for the interview

  • Understand Basic Object Oriented Concepts

What Is The Target Audience

  • Java Developers

  • Students who are planning to attend Java Interviews