Learn JAVA in 15 days

Duration : 05:01:54

Guru : Nitin Sankpal

1623 Learners


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Complete Course Description

This is intended for people with at least some basic programming background, which includes people with years of programming experience or people with only a small amount of experience. If you understand what variables, loops,and functions are, you’ll be just fine for this course. But if you focus on logic programming than this is the best course for you to reach finish line.


You may also learn about smart programming concepts related to Java and OOP based languages and can be able to learn other languages like python very fast with a very little effort in future. You can also able to perform experiments on your code without affecting other modules.


You need to complete all 88 lectures having theory based programming plus a GUI application.


What Are The Requirements

You should have knowledge of atleast OOP concepts that was used in C++ and that is the reason why you should have experience in programming.


What Am I Going To Get From This Course

You will be having more knowledge in a very short time and can be able to develop your own application with great GUI.


What Is The Target Audience

Every person who is willing to learn programming and development of application are welcomed to join this course.