PSD to Wordpress Tutorial

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Complete Course Description

Creating a website needs two important things, first an attractive, user-friendly design, second, an efficient and functional website code. Both are incomplete without each other and excelling in both is utmost necessary to create a good website. Creating a good design is a test of creativity which not everyone is born with; coding the design on the other hand requires deep knowledge of PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Thus,most people can create an image PSD of their design but coding it is often a challenge.


\r\nFor non-programmers, the open source community has gifted WordPress, an open source website building tool and content management system that is highly user friendly and can be used efficiently to create a quality website. But in WordPress also, creating a custom website is not that easy. Therefore to alleviate this problem here we give you 5 concrete steps to convert PSD design to WordPress template.


What Are The Requirements

You need to know basics of Wordpress and Creating Designs.


What Am I Going To Get From This Course

After this course you would be able to customise the designs of existing wordpress themes and built in new wordpress designs.


What Is The Target Audience

Any programmer non programmer.