GRE Reading Comprehension

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Complete Course Description

Of the 3 types of questions that the GRE's Verbal Reasoning section consists of, Reading Comprehension questions comprise approximately 50% of the Verbal Reasoning section. Most of Reading Comprehension questions specifically test your critical reasoning abilities. Though Reading Comprehension questions in GRE are considered questions that are difficult to score in, in reality, they can be exploited to boost the overall GRE score significantly. However, putting this question type to your advantage takes not just a lot of preparation and practice but also the right set of techniques to find the right answers in the short duration.

What Are The Requirements

  • Basic Grammatical knowledge will be highly beneficial

What Am I Going To Get From This Course

  • Get a detailed understanding of the structure, different types and, pattern of questions from the RC Section

  • Understand and implement the Reading and Mapping Strategy on both short and long passages

  • Learn time management strategies to quickly read and comprehend the message given in the passage

  • Learn the unique test taking approaches that can impact your overall score

What Is The Target Audience

This GRE online course is ideal for you if you are looking for a self- study companion to tackle the GRE Reading Comprehension questions. With an "easy-to-understand" tone and numerous examples, this course will make your GRE prep more interesting and beneficial.