CSS in tamil

Duration : 02:30:46

Guru : Rameshwar

10 Learners

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Complete Course Description

CSS is a deceptively simple presentation language that has significantly developed over the last few years. Frontend developers need to keep style sheets manageable and organized by taking a modular approach to building a website. They can either wrestle with it, or learn how to master it in order to easily apply layouts and styles with precision.

This web development video course has been designed to help you build your knowledge of CSS and master one of the most valuable tools in modern web design.

What Are The Requirements

  • A Computer / Laptop

  • An understanding of the tamil language 

  • A will to learn

What Am I Going To Get From This Course

  • Master the fundamental CSS concepts, such as the box model, the anatomy of a rule set, and the types of style sheets

  • Explore some of the most solid techniques used to solve the problems of floats, such as the clearfix hack

  • Delve into modular, reusable, and scalable CSS for more organized and smaller style sheets

What Is The Target Audience

Anyone and everyone who wishes to learn CSS and  has knowledge of the Tamil language