Interpersonal Skills

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Guru : Jasmita Mehta

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nterpersonal Skills become so natural that we may take them for granted, never thinking about how we communicate with other people. With a little time and effort you can develop these skills. Good interpersonal skills can improve many aspects of your life - professionally and socially - they lead to better understanding and better relationships.


Interpersonal skills are also sometimes referred to as: social skills, people skills, soft skills, communication skills or life skills. Although these terms can include interpersonal skills they tend to be broader and therefore may also refer other types of skills




What Are The Requirements

No prior requirement is needed, anyone can start learning.


What Am I Going To Get From This Course

You would get to know different aspects of communication and interpersonal skills, getting yourself prepared for making an everlasting experience.


What Is The Target Audience

Proffessionals, freshers, trainers, entrepreneurs and basically everyone.