Learn Organisation Structure Set up in SAP MM

Duration : 00:42:03

Guru : Sumit Jain

42 Learners

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Complete Course Description

SAP MM Material Management - Welcome to this training course presentation of the SAP Materials Management - Organisation Structure Set up in SAP MM.

Taking this MM course will help you with everything you need to start your career in working with SAP Purchasing , Inventory Management, Invoice Verification, and many other important areas of any Business.

Overview of the course:

This course will help you to understand the set up of organisational elements in SAP MM.

This course consists of detailed presentation along with the Live Videos demonstration of the course content.

Anyone who wants to understand the concept of Enterprise Structure in SAP, he should opt for this course.

What Are The Requirements

  • Basic SAP Concepts

  • Industry Set up

  • Procurement Functions

What Am I Going To Get From This Course

Understand the Enterprise Structure of SAP MM

Understand the Definition of all Organisational elements of SAP MM

Understand the creation of Organisational Elements in SAP system.

Understand the Assignments of the Organisational parameters in SAP MM

What Is The Target Audience

  • All SAP Consultants

  • Procurement Professionals

  • SAP MM Consultants

  • SAP MM End Users