Learn SAP Query Step by Step

Duration : 00:30:26

Guru : Sumit Jain

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SAP MM Material Management - Welcome to this training course presentation of the SAP Materials Management -

What is SAP query and why do we need queries?

Many times a need arises for SAP Users and Functional Consultants to generate quick reports without getting any ABAP coding done – time taken to complete the coding in development, transport and test it in QA system and then transport to production – is sometimes too long. In such cases, SAP query is a tool provided by SAP for generating these kinds of reports.

Overview of the course: - I will start talking about the basic SAP Query Creation concepts. SAP Query Creation with some real LIVE examples. What separates this course from other SAP courses is a focus on clarity and presentation. All lessons are easy to follow and feature a step by step guide to help beginners.

What Are The Requirements

  • IDES System or some other SAP testing system should be installed

  • You should be familiar with the Basic concepts of SAP Navigations.

What Am I Going To Get From This Course

understand the concept of creation of SAP Query

understand the concept of tailor made reports as per business requirements

understand the quick report creation in SAP

What Is The Target Audience

  • This SAP Query course is meant for newbies who are not familiar with the Report creation method via SAP Query.

  • This course is probably not for you if you don't want to enter in to the SAP Career.

  • SAP Functional Consultants