SAP MM Inventory Management

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Guru : Sumit Jain

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SAP MM Material Management - Welcome to this training course presentation of the SAP Materials Management - Inventory Management.

The Materials Management functionality is the main component of any SAP implementation. The Materials Management can be described as the train that drives the supply-chain functionality within SAP. It also integrates with other SAP modules as well. Taking this MM course will help you with everything you need to start your career in working with SAP Inventory Management.

Overview Of Inventory Management:-

Inventory management is used to manage the inventory for the goods. It is based on several key processes. Definition of movement types, reservations, goods issue and goods receipt.

We have already done basic goods receipt process in the purchase order topic, referencing it to a PO.

There are a number of functions and transactions used in the Inventory management processes, and we will cover the most important in this tutorial.

Overview of the course: -

  • I will start talking about the Reservation.

  • Then I will start talking about the Goods Issue and Goods Receipt which are at the core of the Procurement, Inventory Management.

  • Next, I will show you the usage of different movement types.

  • Parallely i will show you the related SAP tables and SAP Reports.

What separates this course from other SAP courses is a focus on clarity and presentation. All lessons are easy to follow and feature a step by step guide to help beginners.

This course consists of 30 videos and of around 1Hr content.

All the SAP functional consultants should opt this course if they are looking for an expertise in Inventory Management scenarios.

What Are The Requirements

  • Basics of SAP

  • Basics of Inventory Management

What Am I Going To Get From This Course

Understand the concept of Inventory Management in SAP

Understand the concept of Movement types in SAP

Understand the concept of Reservation in SAP

Understand the impact of different movement types in SAP

What Is The Target Audience

  • SAP Functional Consultants

  • Store Managers

  • Who deals with inventory in Business