Building a Search Engine in PHP and MySQL

Duration : 04:47:59

Guru : Abdul

1314 Learners

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Complete Course Description

Building a custom search engine is very necessary for any website existing on the World Wide Web, because a website without Search Engine is like a ROOM without DOOR. And it's very easy to create in PHP & MySQL from scratch. You are going to learn creating a search engine from scratch within next 2 hours if you join this course.


This course contains 3 sections with 12 videos and 2+ hours of video content. It will also include the source files & presentation for your personal use. The course will be updated time by time with new content and new quizzes.




You should take this course because it will help you creating a search engine in PHP for your own website, your client's website or simply if you want to enhance your PHP & MySQL skills and take them to the next level.


What Are The Requirements

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  • A web browser (Chrome or Firefox)

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  • A text editor (Notepad++ or Dreamweaver)

  • \r\n

  • A web server or local server (XAMPP or Wamp)

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What Am I Going To Get From This Course


  • You'll be able to create a custom search engine

  • You'll learn to create a search engine in PHP

  • You'll become a better PHP Developer


What Is The Target Audience


  • No Extra knowledge is required

  • Basic HTML is an advantage for students