Complete Guide to Eyebrow Makeup

Duration : 00:28:36

Guru : Mira Metzler

1 Learners

Learn The Classic Eyebrow Shape by Mira Metzler

Complete Course Description

We’ll start the class with a look at the shapes of the eyebrow through the decades starting from 1920's, then study and understand how various eyebrow shapes can dramatically change our facial expression. Then, we will delve into a geometrical approach and draw the benchmark position of the classic eyebrow. With this knowledge you will have the tools to decide the perfect eyebrow shape for you. We'll go through the methods and techniques used to change the shape of the eyebrow before even considering makeup for adjustments. I will be demonstrating 3 methods of filling in the eyebrows with makeup, with explanations and recommendation for when to use each. And it doesn't stop here! I am also showing you my daily eyebrow routine so you can see how fast and easy eyebrow makeup can be once you have a clear idea and understanding of where everything goes.

What Are The Requirements

Pen and paper, a ruler (optional).

What Am I Going To Get From This Course

You will know how to asses your own eyebrows using makeup industry guidelines and create the eyebrow shape that suits your face best. By the end of this class, you will know how to use makeup to improve your eyebrow shape with the products you are comfortable using.

What Is The Target Audience

Anyone can take this class. No prior knowledge of makeup is required.